Signature Dry Freight Van

The Supreme Signature Van Body = Serious Durability for Serious Work

The Supreme Signature Body is built around a robust steel frame substructure that can easily stand up to tough job sites, harsh road conditions, heavy payloads, and more. Becasue of this it's less likely that you'll need costly repairs over time.

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Standard Features:


Molded Composite Front Cornor Caps

  • So repairs are easier than with aluminum-cast cornor caps

Internal Wire Harness Track in Roof Rail

  • Enjoy less interior cluttter and reduced risk of damage with a sturdy roof rail, which features a built-in track to hide and protect electrical wire harnesses 

LED Exterior Lights

  • LEDs draw less energy from the chassis and last for years, so you can save on maintenance and reduce downtime while working in a more environmentally friendly manner

Internal Steel Gussets

  • Reinforce the rear frame for superior strength, while keeping the entry clear and rust free, so loading cargo is easier 

Wider, Taller, Rear Door Opening 

  • Large pallets and other cargo all fit neatly through the rear door

Extended One Piece Cornor Post

  • Provides superior strength at the rear side walls  

Solid, 10-Gauge Steel, One-Piece Molded 

  • V-groove threshold made of heavy 10-gauge steel stands up to the rigors of daily loading and unloading, and provides easy clean up

 Taller, Steel-Reinforced Rub Rail 

  • Body is further protected from dents and road damage 

Integrated Steel Cross Member in Front Floor 

  • Added strength at the front of the body without added weight 

FRP: Tough on the Road, Easy on the Eyes


Supreme's Signature Van Body front wall is constructed from 1/2"-core Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP).


  • Is tougher than aluminum front walls, so it can handle abuse from the road and the load
  • Provides extra protection against cargo damage, exterior dings and scratches, and long-term corrosion
  • Enhances appearance with high-end, clean-looking, rivet-less surface



  • 040 smooth aluminum pre-painted white side panels
  • 1/2" core FRP front wall
  • 2" x 6" dense pine floor (up to & including 16')
  • 1-1/8" laminated hardwood floor (over 16')
  • 3" formed "C" channel cross members on 16" C/L (up to & including 16')
  • 3" I-beam cross members on 12" C/L (over 16')
  • 4" I-beam longsills
  • Superbright LED FMVSS 108 lights with sealed wiring harness
  • Extended one-piece rear corner posts
  • Premium roll-up rear door with side seals
  • Solid one piece V-groove rear threshold
  • Internal gussets in rear frame
  • Pooched ICC 4" formed channel rear bumper
  • (2) 12" aluminum rear grab handles
  • Molded front composite corners with aluminum wind deflector radius
  • Extruded aluminum vertical front corners
  • One-piece .032 crowned aluminum roof
  • Anti-snag galvanized roof bows on 24" centers
  • Dome light with rear switch
  • Aluminum lower rub rail connected to steel perimeter
  • Pre-coated understructure