Kold King Van

Kold King - Supreme's Refrigerated Truck

By using premium materials, combined with exact engineering and production processes, the KoldKing stands up to the vigorous demands of multi-stop refrigerated delivery

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Supreme’s foaming process utilizes a state-of-the-art horizontal heated wall press, resulting in walls and ceilings that are extremely straight with a foam density that is unparalleled in consistency. The end result is a refrigerated truck that keeps its insulating qualities longer and protects your cargo


The KoldKing is tough, starting with a strong 12-gauge galvannealed steel perimeter under-structure, 3” heavy duty I-beam cross members, and welded gussets. This perimeter design provides the solid foundation needed in today’s refrigerated truck.


Kold King's .90 inch thick seamless glass board interior liner is the thickest in the industry. That means punctures and tears are less likely in a KoldKing refrigerated truck than any other glass board lined body. Other features that make the Kold King the right choice include standard front and rear cast aluminum corners. Combine them with the extruded aluminum front vertical corner posts and you have a body that has all its corners covered!


The rear frame is composed of 12-gauge galvannealed steel and a 10-gauge threshold. Front to back…ceiling to floor the Kold King is built strong!

Standard Features 


  • Premium Roll-up Door
    • The greatest threat to door longevity and appearance: water penetration. That's why the Signature Body door is equipped to combat the brutal effects of time, weather, and moisture
  • Wiring Guides & Protective Cover
    • Enhanced front corner cap has wiring guides and a protective wiring cover to reduce potential damage, costly repairs, and downtime
  • LED Exterior Lights
    • LEDs draw less energy from the chassis and last for years, so you can save on maintenance and reduce downtime while working in a more environmentally friendly manner
  • Sealed Wire Harness
    • Sealed wire harnesses are now standard and are designed to integrate with the LED lighting system. The result: a reduction in electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Molded Composite Front & Rear Corner Caps
    • Molded composites create the Signature Body's completely redesigned front and rear corner caps, so repairs are easier than with aluminum-cast corner caps
  • Internal Wire Harness Track in Roof Rail
    • Enjoy less interior clutter and reduced risk of damage with our sturdy roof rail, which features a built-in track to hide and protect electrical wire harnesses
  • Internal Steel Gussets
    • Supreme's internal steel gussets reinforce the rear frame for superior strength, while keeping the entry clear and rust-free, so loading cargo is easier
  • Corner LED Lights Meet NHTSA Recommendations
    • Our rear corner cap design ensures that our corner marker lights comply with the NHTSA recommendation of 6" centers from the body's corner
  • Extended One-Piece Corner Post
    • Now standard on both our aluminum and FRP bodies, our corner post design provides superior strength at the rear side walls
  • Taller, Steel-Reinforced Rub Rail
    • Refined the lower rub rail, making it taller and more robust. So your Signature Body is further protected from dents and road damage




  • 3" polyurethane foam insulation in floor, walls and ceiling
  • 4" polyurethane foam insulation in front wall
  • .040 smooth, pre-painted white aluminum panels, riveted to side and front vertical wall posts with frost breaks on 24" centers.
  • Seamless .90" glass board lining on walls and ceiling
  • Smooth box-type extruded aluminum floor
  • Four Kazoo drains, one in each corner of the truck body
  • Medium temp (1-1/8") insulated roll-up door with safety release inside
  • Standard ICC bumper
  • Welded 12 gauge galvannealed steel perimeter, with 3" I-beam crossmembers on 12" centers
  • 4" I-beam longsills the full length of truck body (80,000 PSI)
  • Seamless fiberglass splash pan above X-members, under-body completely undercoated
  • 12 gauge galvanneal steel rear frame with 10 gauge threshold
  • Refrigeration unit mounting reinforcement in front wall
  • Aerodynamic front wall with extruded aluminum verticals, cast corners with fiberglass refer dormer
  • .032 one-piece aluminum roof and capped on all edges
  • ICC lights recessed in roof rail, interior perimeter wiring for easy maintenance, reflectors. All to federal requirements
  • One recessed dome light with recessed rear switch
  • Under frame and rear frame welded and reinforced at stress points
  • Rear upper-body cast corners
  • Wrap-around lower radius rubrail, front corners
  • (2) 12" aluminum rear grab handles
  • Sealable and Serviceable Wiring