Insulated VX Van

Insulated VX - Supreme's Insulated Van

The VX - Supreme's Insulated Van is the right choice to “take the edge off” exterior temperatures. This lightly insulated van is perfect for any application when you only need moderate temperature control — not for severe or frozen applications. This insulated van also offers a degree of comfort for remote offices and service vehicles.

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  • Choice of standard 1" or upgrade to 2" or 3" foamed polyurethane insulation in roof
  • Extruded aluminum vertical front corners
  • Choice of standard 1" or upgrade to 2" or 3" foamed polyurethane insulation in wall
  • Upgrade to 3" of insulation between cross members with a fiberglass sub pan in floor 
  • .040" smooth aluminum, pre painted white side panels 
  • Z-wall post on 16" centers with 3" rivet spacing 
  • Variety of lift gates available or choose the standard ICC rear bumper 
  • Floor extension option for use where traditional docks are not available 
  • Reinforced threshold for added durability 
  • (2) 12" aluminum rear grab handles 
  • Standard non-insulated roll-up rear door with side seals 
  • One piece .032" aluminum roof with anti-snag bows
  • Cast corners with aluminum wind deflector radius
  • Optional refrigeration support on front wall 


Optional Features: 


  • Customize your VX with a chill box for perishable food distribution
  • Optional tuckaway lift gate for quicker and easier loading
  • Kazoo drains available for proper drainage of inside compartment
  • Additional aluminum slider ramp for easy hand loading
  • Plywood lined interior for a clean, smooth appearance
  • Rear Door
    • Roll up
    • Full opening swing
    • Double narrow swing (standard)
    • Tri-panel full opening swing
    • 4-panel full opening swing  
  • Variety of side door options available for easy curbside access
    • Single side swing (30",36",42", or 48" opening)
    • Double side door, 42" opening
    • Roll-up extruded aluminum side door (48" opening)
    • Sliding door with pocket (30" or 36" wide)
  • Floors
    • Box-type reefer (non-skid)
    • Non-skid inverted "T"
    • Standard box-type reefer (smooth)
    • 2" x 6" shiplap pine** (standard: up to and including 16')
    • Laminated hardwood** (standard: over 16')
    • Steel or aluminum tread plate overlay on wood
    • **Varnish available on wood floors
  • ICC Bumpers
    • ICC bumper
    • Pooched ICC bumper
    • Full width two-step ICC bumper
    • Rubber dock bumpers
  • Step Bumpers
    • One way bumper
    • Full width bumper
    • Chicago style step bumper
  • Cargo Controll
    • "A" track (wall)
    • "E" track (wall)
    • "F" track (ceiling)
    • "F" track (floor)
    • Rope ties (walls)
    • Floor ties (light or heay-duty option)
    • Pipe pocket in floor




  • Available lengths from 9' to 28'  
  • Outside widths of 96" or 102"
  • Interior heights of 72", 78", 84", 90", 96", 102" and 108".
  • The VX Insulated Van is available on a variety of cab, cab-over and cutaway chassis.